Saga Human Hair Pre-Loop

Saga Human Hair Pre-Loop


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Versatility is always important, and you will appreciate that more when you put on the Saga Human Hair Pre-Loop Type Crochet Braid – Yaky. The Yaky is going to find a permanent home in your collection and is quickly become one of your favorites. These pre-looped braids are made out of 100% human fibers. You will have a realistic look and feel. This piece also features an elastic band that expands and retracts, that prevents slippage and is quick and easy to install. There are various different lengths that you can choose from, and the Jet Black and Off Black colors are sure to fit in with any fashion sense. You will absolutely love how you look when you are wearing the Saga Human Hair Pre-Loop Type Crochet Braid – Yaky.

100% Human Hair

  • Elastic Band
  • Expands & Retracts
  • Prevents Slippage
  • Quick & Easy Install
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